Howdy. I’m 29, and a graphic designer and studio artist. For my job I make artwork to put on kites and garden flags and other random décor items. For my personal art I like to work with a broad range of materials, including handmade or Japanese papers, fabric, clay, and pen and ink. Paper collage has been my primary focus over the last few years, although originally my primary interest had been in pottery. I like being outdoors and take a lot of my inspiration from nature. I’m addicted to green tea, audio books, and most things Japanese. I love to spend time in the US Southwest, such as hiking in Utah and New Mexico. I have the (probably bad) habit of talking in parenthesis a lot. And…heh. I like birds…. If that wasn’t obvious.


2 Responses to About

  1. SheilaMry says:

    Hey Kiddo! Saw you on K.’s site. Hope you don’t mind if I ‘subscribe’ to yours?
    I’m getting more used to WordPress all the time. It’s got a nice look to it. I love the Crow on your heading; really beautiful!

    • gnarlycat says:

      Hi! I don’t mind if you subscribe, but I’m not entirely sure I’ll be posting any time soon! I made this journal just for a class, and I haven’t posted any since it ended (mainly because I knew no one was reading it anymore…all my other friends are on different blog sites.) If you and Katy get active here I might make more of an effort not to abandon this one….

      I’m glad you like my crow header!!! I made it :D

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