Final Project Proposals

Idea 1: Personal Portfolio

(One of the reasons I specifically took this class was so I could do this.)

I have current digital scans/photos of all traditional artwork spanning from several years old to current (Categories include: paper collage, pen and ink, ceramics, and textile projects). I will also be able to link to 2 websites which are using digital art I made for headers within the past 2 years.  Hopefully I will soon be able to add a third as I recently completed a freelance project, but the logo I designed has not been applied to the website yet. Site would also include an artist’s statement. Site would be a showcase portfolio which could be shown with a resume.

Idea 2: Website for “The Feral Cat Fairy. . . humane cat population control through spay and neutering” Project.

The director of this project is someone I work with at my job. There is an overpopulation problem of feral cats at a horse-boarding barn she is affiliated with. The populations have become so great that farmers have begun killing off many of the cats to keep the numbers down.  Furthermore several batches of kittens have been abandoned by their mothers at ages too young to survive on their own. My coworker is trying to capture as many of the cats as possible and bring them to the SPCA to be neutered before re-releasing them (she has also personally adopted 3 of the abandoned kittens). If the population can be kept under control the cats won’t keep being killed. To raise money for the large quantities of cat spaying/neutering my coworker has been collecting old art books and the shop “Art Things” in Annapolis is selling them for her. Website would include information on fundraising to finance the neutering project, photos of many of the cats and kittens affected, and lots of other information on feral cats, such as information on how they got there to begin with, why the problem starts, why it is wrong for people to assume that domestic animals can fend for themselves, solutions to feral cat overpopulation, links to organizations that are helping this project, such as the SPCA offering discounted neutering and the people who have been lending humane traps to the project. My coworker heading the project has many photos of the cats and barn already and I would probably visit the barn and take some photos myself to feature on the website. I would have to do some research to fill out the factual/FAQ content.

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One Response to Final Project Proposals

  1. jmschuster says:

    Both sound like wonderful options. It depends on how important it is for you to have an online portfolio, versus producing a portfolio piece. A Catch 22 of sorts. You’ll be doing research for either project regardless (you mention this in Option 2) so that is built into the project timeline.

    I can tell you that for a first web project, working with a third party (ie, your friend) may be more challenging and take more time, depending on how closely you can work with your friend and how responsive they are. Not trying to discourage you – just food for thought.

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