Ben Wu

I can think of few things more exciting than receiving mail from my dear friend Ben Wu! He is both an author and an illustrator, specializing in intricate pen and ink work and macabre tongue in cheek wit. His work has a strong flavor of Edward Gorey. He has created 3 books as both author and illustrator, and contributed as the illustrator for a fourth. When he sends cards not only is each card a work of art on its own, but he makes sure that the envelope matches in frame-worthy craftsmanship.

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His books can be found on Amazon:

Very Naughty Figs, A Flummoxed Foursome
The Macabre Alphabet and Two Other Illustrated Tales
An Ivory Chopstick

And Prints of some of his cards can be found on Esty.
(As well as contacting him to do commissions.)

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3 Responses to Ben Wu

  1. H Squared says:

    Very nice. That’s pretty cool that he creates art out of cards and envelopes. I thought my sister was the only that did that! He is very talented with that pen. I always thought pen and pencil drawings were perhaps the most difficult. The whole shading and textures ability is like black magic to me.

    • gnarlycat says:

      I am a totally geek for mail, I wish more people did art on envelopes! I didn’t know anyone else who did this myself until you showed your sister’s work, which was really beautiful. Pen and ink is one of my favorite mediums to work with, but I could never do the style Ben does with so much crosshatching in the backgrounds. I’d go cross-eyed trying and mess up before getting halfway through.

  2. Wow…Ben is supercool! :)

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