Remembering Vickers Gringo

One person I will certainly never forget was my sister’s boyfriend. Paul “Vickers Gringo” Lyon was one of the most talented artists I have been lucky to know. He worked in a variety of mediums. Film was his primary focus although he was also quite skilled at animation, comics, and music. He wrote and drew a comic serial for The New York Waste by the name of 70 million Rats, was in progress of creating an original Graphic Novel by the name of Pests! A Zombie Parable, and was actively a member of three bands, including Deuce and a Quarter.

Radio Girl, the film below was his last film project. He stars as the ‘Underground Man’ having dinner with the Robot Girl. Vickers also did all of the drawings for the animation in the beginning and end of the film. Tragically he passed away in August 2010, and did not live to see the film in its final stage of completion.

Radio Girl was written, produced and directed by Ronni Thomas. (Complete credits for the entire film can be found on the Youtube page.)

Vickers Gringo Productions

Vickers Gringo on Youtube

I highly recommend checking out his other work, he has a variety of music videos and other short films. The world has a lot less creativity in it without him.

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