Video Editing Project

Here is my video editing project… I have to admit that I’m not super happy with the result. I had a very difficult time coming up with an idea. Or, it would probably be better to say I had a hard time coming up with an idea that fit the parameters of the assignment. Most things I first would have liked to do I was uncertain about copyright standings on the footage. I would have liked to do something with an anime series, for example, but I was fairly certain that the series I was interested in working with had copyrights. So I ended up limiting myself to what I could find on the sites suggested in the assignment guidelines. Instead of coming up with an idea right out of my head I ended up browsing hours of video and audio trying to find something that inspired me. I ended up finding audio I liked first, and then tried to find video to go with it. I was particularly fascinated by the huge logs of old science fiction radio shows from the fifties I found on Internet Archive. So I picked a few radio shows that were done in a “Twilight Zone”/”Outer Limits” style and then mixed them up with a really strange talk show I stumbled across (it was actually really challenging to pick out specific sentences from this talk show to piece together as the original was 2 hours long!) I chose an old movie about Abraham Lincoln as the primary source of video because it definitely had a different context than the audio…and I personally found it kind of amusing for people from the past to be having a very casual and modern sounding discussion about time travel. And I associate Abraham Lincoln with being very serious, and the debate was anything but. So…this video is the result of me having a kind of strange sense of humor…but I don’t think I really did a good enough job pulling off my execution of it for other people to really ‘get it’ so much.

So…here are some additional thoughts on the project:

– I was surprised just how closely the end video ended up matching my storyboard. It’s exact almost panel for panel. When I put together the storyboard I was feeling very uncertain about my idea and I didn’t have a clue of how much time everything would string together into. I thought I would have to either edit it down to be shorter or add more material. But it ended up filling the time slot pretty perfectly.

– Although I’m not thrilled with the end video I AM very happy that I actually managed to get everything I was trying to do in Adobe Premiere to actually work. I tried to learn Adobe Flash through a Lynda session about a year or two ago and in the middle I just completely hit a wall and couldn’t figure out how to make the animation work in the way I wanted. I was very happy that didn’t happen with Premiere. Although I did have some issues along the way I was able to figure them out or at least work around them.

– One thing that didn’t work quite right was that whenever I grabbed the ‘just video’ film icon in the editing panel, it always kept the audio attached anyway. I don’t know why that happened. After putting the clip in the time panel I found I could unlink the two and just delete the unwanted audio…but that was a bit annoying to have to do over and over again.

– I think I took on an over-ambitious idea when I decided to use verbal audio that didn’t match the video instead of just having a music track. I did my best to sort of sync up the audio and video…but I think it would take a LOT more time and practice to actually do a good job making the audio look like it matched the people talking. I didn’t have the skills yet to get the timing really right…Maybe if I got to work with Premiere a lot longer I could re-do this much better. I probably should have come up with a simpler idea for my first ever attempt at editing video. Oops.

-Another problem I encountered was that I did not realize how tiny my original source videos were. They were only around 280 x 340 pixels or so… The project I was doing in Premier was about twice that size, but I didn’t realize it until I was almost done! At first I tried to change the size of my sequence to fit the source video. But then I realized that would probably be way too tiny to show, it definitely wouldn’t fit a Youtube screen, for example. So instead I ended up scaling all the video up though the Motion editing option. This unfortunately ended up in a decrease of quality in my video footage. I wish I had realized this before starting the project so I could have tried downloading the videos from a different site with larger options.

-One final glitch I encountered was there is a really long gap before the credits start. Not sure what I did wrong to cause that! I couldn’t manage to fix it before the assignment was due.

– I really like how you can mix static graphics in with your video. I made the ‘Round Table’ Banner in Illustrator to add a lower third to my project.

-Another thing that worked pretty well was that my source videos did not match in color. The footage from “A Lost World” was sepia toned, while my other videos were grayscale. The teacher suggested that I should try to make them match and I found it was not very difficult to change the sepia to gray by drastically lowering the saturation in the Fast color editor. I also increased both the black and white levels. The footage doesn’t match perfectly but it ended up far more congruous than I expected when I started the project.

Well anyway…whether I was thrilled with the results or not I definitely learned a lot! Premiere is a very neat program.

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