Abstraction Project

I am currently taking a digital design class and my current assignment has been to draw a simple mechanical object and abstract it in different cropped views. The drawings had to be completely black and white with no shading. I had a bit of trouble choosing an object but eventually settled on a tea kettle. It was mechanical due to the spout having a hinged cover, and I thought it would make an interesting shape to draw because the specific one I have has a somewhat unusual double handle.
I thought it would be really easy to draw, but once I started I found it a bit trickier than I had expected. I ran into some difficulties trying to capture the perspective of the hinge on the spout. The handle as well looked like it would be very simple, but it curved in a way that when I tried to draw exactly what I was seeing it kept looking distorted to me on paper. I’m still not completely happy with my drawings but I did the best I could.

Here is the original drawing of the tea kettle:

Here are the 6 abstracted views I drew:

And here are the 3 final drawings I did in Illustrator:

My scans of my drawings are in grayscale. When I drew in illustrator however, I did so in CMYK without really thinking, because that is a pre-existing habit I have. Afterwards it occurred to me that I should probably have it in RGB as I am posting the drawings to be viewed on the web. The image shown here I converted to RGB. However it then occurred to me that maybe the illustrator file should be in grayscale too, since it was specified that our scans should be that way. So…should I change the illustrator file and jpegs to grayscale before officially posting for the class? I would prefer not to as I set the blacks to rich black instead of 100% K when I drew it, and I think changing to grayscale would wash out the contrast some.

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6 Responses to Abstraction Project

  1. nickorozco says:

    An excellent set of drawings there, gnarlycat. Your images came out a lot better than my did. I don’t think I ever fully understood what needed to be accomplished. Great breakdown of the assignment in this post by the way. I like the way you showed the assignment from start to finish. This was my first time ever using Adobe Illustrator so I had a tough time getting the hang of it. You seem to have it down pretty good. Great job.

    • gnarlycat says:

      I had an advantage with this project because I had already worked with Illustrator before the class started. I won’t have a clue what I’m doing on project 3!! Your project looked like you got the hang of Illustrator pretty well though! You definitely shouldn’t be so hard on yourself, your drawings looked really nice!!

  2. Erin Pearson says:

    Those drawings are incredible. I had (am still am having) the worst time figuring out Illustrator. I think choosing a tea kettle was a great idea – it allows for a lot of different views on the object and has a lot of details with it. Very nice job with this!

    • gnarlycat says:

      Thank you! Illustrator is a really complex program and it has a lot of features I find pretty confusing. I think it’s very challenging to try to learn in such a short time span. I think you have a much better grasp of photo manipulation in Photoshop than me!!

  3. Illustrator gave me a headache but you did a FANTASTIC JOB!

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