Technical Issues

Is anyone reading this really savvy with the Adobe Creative Suite as a whole, and familiar with multiple versions? I need some help!

For the past 4 1/2 years I’ve been using Adobe CS3 on a virtually daily basis, working with Photoshop and Illustrator interchangeably. It’s quite essential that I can switch back and forth between the two programs, as one of the things I have to do at my job is create packaging for products. This involves designing the packaging labels themselves in Illustrator, but photos of the products have to be placed into the illustrator files. Since they need to have a transparent background, the photos are clipped, saved as Photoshop files and then either placed into the Illustrator document or copy and pasted into it. This has worked seamlessly for me all that time.

About a week ago I got a new computer, and suddenly this process no longer works. If I try to place or open a Photoshop file into illustrator I get an error message telling me there isn’t enough memory to complete the task. This makes no sense as the new computer has more memory than the old one and it worked perfectly fine before. What’s more, I keep all my files stored on an external hard drive so virtually all of my computer’s memory is free and available. I’ve tried placing photos into InDesign documents and have had no conflict at all. The problem seems to be specific to Illustrator.

To try and work around this apparent problem of illustrator claiming to not be able to handle large files any more, I’ve tried saving the photos as TIFFs instead of Photoshop files, but that doesn’t work for my purpose as it removes the transparency of the background. I then tried saving the photos as PDFs instead…that apparently allows me to open them, but I am not sure the image quality remains as high, and even then I still get an error message claiming the format is unrecognizable.

The really weird thing is that the other two people in my department both have the exact same computer (which is different from mine). One of them gets the same error messages as me. The other has had no problems at all opening Photoshop files in Illustrator. We made sure all our Illustrator preference settings matched, and the IT guy doesn’t know what’s wrong. Researching online it seems like a lot of people have had problems like this with CS3, but I couldn’t find an explanation. Is CS3 less compatible with Windows 7? My old computer had Vista on it. This is really a huge problem for me, and updating Adobe isn’t in my control, it being my company’s computer and not my personal one.

Does anyone have a clue what is causing this and how I might be able to fix it? Is it a matter of changing settings somewhere? Is there nothing I can do except upgrade? It is terribly frustrating to get a computer that is supposedly better, yet have things work less effectively one it.

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