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Daniel Leyva

Exploring the website of Daniel Leyva was a very unique and enjoyable experience. I can definitely say I have never encountered another one similar to it. There is a greater use of movement and interaction with the user than is … Continue reading

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Abstraction Project

I am currently taking a digital design class and my current assignment has been to draw a simple mechanical object and abstract it in different cropped views. The drawings had to be completely black and white with no shading. I … Continue reading

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Technical Issues

Is anyone reading this really savvy with the Adobe Creative Suite as a whole, and familiar with multiple versions? I need some help! For the past 4 1/2 years I’ve been using Adobe CS3 on a virtually daily basis, working … Continue reading

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Wood Block Art

I have always been very drawn to the art of wood block prints. This isn’t very surprising to most people who know me well, as I’m known for being very interested in most things Japanese. However my fascination with block … Continue reading

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