New start!

Well! I’ve been blogging for years now but I’ve never attempted to set up an account on WordPress before. I’ve only been the occasional sporadic browser here and never got a really solid feel for how things work. This system always intimidated me, to tell the truth, it looked like setting up a customized journal here would be a lot more difficult than what I’m experienced with (primarily livejournal and dreamwidth.) Wow, I was wrong! I was very happily surprised at how well things are set up and how many options you have. Perhaps it is just that I set up my livejournal account so long ago that things have changed and everyone offers so many easy templates these days (my livejournal is still set up in the old ‘system 1’ that is not even offered anymore, and completely dependent on HTML overrides to accomplish the look I wanted.) I suspect not though, I struggled horribly at customizing the appearance of my dreamwidth accounts and those were relatively recent. Widgets are completely new to me. I really love how I can change the settings by just dragging and dropping the features I want to include or delete. One of my biggest complaints about prefabricated journal styles is that they often contain too many links and such in the side menus. I don’t like having the content of my journals very busy and I’m not advanced enough at HTML (and I know almost nothing of CSS) to override those sorts of options on my own. I love how much control I had over those details while I set this journal up. So cool!

I’m also impressed with all the options you have beyond just setting up the appearance of the blog. The spell check feature goes beyond spelling and basic grammar and you can have it check for things like passive voice? That is amazing. I suppose there is a reason this site appears to be the most popular choice for artist and writer’s blogs. I probably should have tried this out sooner, but to say I’ve an addiction to livejournal would be a bit of an understatement.

Well anyway, unlike my existing blogs which are for social purposes, this journal is to be focused on art. I am looking forward to filling it up with lots of creative outlets.

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2 Responses to New start!

  1. artistjohn says:


    This is my first blog. I don’t even use FaceBook. I haven’t tried editing the CSS yet. I will probably try it sometime soon. When I do, I’ll let you know.

  2. gnarlycat says:

    Let me know what you figure out! I’m interested in trying out the custom CSS option, but it looked like you needed to pay and upgrade your account for that to be an option, which I don’t especially want to have to do. I want to learn how to do it though.

    I like blogs a lot more than Facebook. Facebook is pretty usefully just for tracking down people you’ve lost touch with, but your interactions are very brief and sound-bite-ish. Blogs are more discussion friendly and interesting to me.

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